The Brief

Warsaw4U are a leading walking tour guide operator in Warsaw, Poland. Due to recent changes in local law, licensing of the tour guide system was relaxed and allowed an influx of unlicensed operators onto the market. With this increased competition in the market Warsaw4U approached the Small Room with an eye to strengthening their place in the market and increase the visibility of their brand.

The Solution

Visual awareness was key as many of Warsaw4U clients are international and use English as a second language. We decided early on that Bold colour and typography would be key in maximizing visibility, using the famous colours of Warsaw ‘yellow and red’ we set out to create a series of simple and striking poster design which were displayed around the city.

A new logo was created which integrates the iconic ‘Palace of culture’ shape into the design. A sub branding was created ‘Walking tour of Warsaw’ to help reinforce the core of the business and present a clearer message of the services on offer to potential clients.

Working with the Small Room is always a pleasure. When I need commercial materials (website, brochure, poster) I contact them. No delays – and last but not least – huge potential of creativity. For me, professional brochures are extremely important for doing business in an international environment.

Greg – Warsaw 4U

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