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The Brief

The Electric Lemons are a 4-piece rock band from Warsaw, Poland. They approached the Small Room to create a number of items to help raise the profile of the band, they needed a new logo, a number of T-Shirts designing and an album cover for their up coming record release.

The Solution

The typography for the logo was designed using the 1950’s ‘streamlined’ style to reflect the ‘electric’ part of their name, the lemon segment was added to create a badge shape to the logo and enhance the typography, the logo is flexible and was designed to work with or without the lemon and is available in a variety of colours.

The album cover was designed to showcase the energy of the band and also reflect the throw away title of the album ‘Lets go Lemons’ in creating an energetic and playful image of the band with lemons for heads.

A number of t-shirts were also created in a variety of styles..

One of the best designers I have ever met. We approached Andy with a few ideas of our own, he threw them out and came back at us with an iconic concept that blew our minds.

Hamish Potts – Keyboards, Vocals

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