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Feb 2013
eko stacja
Stena Ekostacja

The Small Room recently collaborated with Stena in creation of branding and a video game for the opening of Ekostacja; The first recycling station for the residents of Warsaw, Poland.

Alongside this investment Stena Recycling will also run an educational programme in the area. A fun, interactive and informative showroom was also created on the site, where the concept of recycling will be explained by the use of specific examples.

One such example is a video game we created where the user has a number of household items they must recycle before the time runs out, they do this by dropping the item from the top of the screen into the correct bin at the bottom, whilst avoiding the obstacles on the way down, which can alter the path of the item and cause the user to miss the correct bin!

In addition to the game, some simple ideas for environmental home solutions will be presented in cooperation with IKEA as well, which may help everyone to manage resources better e.g. by correct waste segregation or use of recycled materials or energy saving LED light bulbs.

During the opening of STENA EKOSTACJA the money collected from all recycled electronic waste was donated to the Our Earth Foundation’s project supporting child welfare centres. And all unwanted clothes handed in will be given to the Polish Red Cross.

The recycling is free of charge to the public and can receive approximately 50 passenger cars an hour. All raw household materials, electronic waste large-sized waste such as furniture and hazardous waste will be accepted recycled accordingly.

So what are you waiting for? Go green today!

For more information visit the links below.

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eko stacja

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