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The Brief

Stena Ekostacja were launching a recycling center in Warsaw, Poland. They wanted to promote their newly opening site and increase awareness recycling in Poland, where the practice isn’t considered as prolific as many other European countries.

The Solution

First we designed a logo for the site which was to be named ‘Ekostacja’. Mixing a combination of the corporate blue of Stena with an ‘eco’ green enabled us to combine the existing corporate branding with the new branding of the ‘Ekostacja’ and maintain an element of consistency in the two brands.

Secondly we created a web-based video game to help raise further awareness of recycling. The user has a number of household items which they must correctly recycle, they do this by dropping the item from the top of the screen, whilst avoiding the obstacles on the way down, which can alter the path of the item and cause the user to miss the correct bin!

Play the Recycling game!

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