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Feb 2013
Going Paperless 2013

Paperless 2013 – The year we decided to go digital

It wasn’t really out of a desire to save the planet or anything as I despise being charged for plastic carrier bags or bank statements, but more about accepting the inevitable as increasingly my life moves into the ‘cloud’ and my meetings are arranged and confirmed by google calendar.

For years I’ve used an A4 desk diary and I’ve always loved the feel of a sturdy pen in my hand scribing or doodling ideas down onto a good quality stock,this year I went to my local stationers to purchase a 2013 edition desk diary but was flabbergasted when the chap behind the till rang it up at 20 quid. I quickly retreated and thought nows the time to change…

I’ve used Evernote for a few years and find it a great way to access snippets of my life on the go, but I’ve only ever dipped my toe in, after buying an iPad at Christmas I decided it was time to jump in and get both feet wet. After 2 hours of research, cautious not to waste 5 quid on the ‘wrong app’ I decided on Notability by Ginger Labs. It’s not the prettiest interface in the market, that has to go to Noteshelf, but Notability was on 60% off so I thought I give it a go. In addition I also purchased a ‘e-pen’ from the apple store for which I’m getting mixed results, just have to try and write at a slower speed as I find the tablet can’t keep up but its improved my ‘Draw Something’ game no end.

I didn’t want to turn this article into an app review, more to document my change over to the digital world, and encourage others to try too, as I feel it really is a feasible option now and one to consider. I’m one month into my paper free life so far and its going well, most of the pitfalls come from my not being used to typing on the iPad but hopefully that wont last long and I plan to revisit this post at the end of the year to conclude.

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paperless 2013

paperless 2013

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