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The Brief

Narodowy Rejestr Leków is a medical portal for patients, doctors, medical staff and pharmacists. The concept was to create a ‘one stop shop’ where all sorts of people could check up on the latest information regarding various pharmaceuticals and other medical information, or if you’re a patient you can get an on-line diagnosis for any symptoms you’re suffering.

NRL were looking for branding and a website that was modern yet would still retain a ‘traditional, trusted, established’ feeling.

The Solution

For the branding we decided to shorten the logotype main to NRL, giving it a bolder footprint and taking inspiration from the British health service, the ‘NHS’. Typography was kept simple and clear with the diagonals on the N and the R designed to match and create dynamic shapes. We retained an element of the traditional by wrapping the snake (a dominant symbol is US healthcare which is recognised universally) around the L so as to reinforce the brands heritage in medicine.

Design for the website had to be easy distinguishable for each of its individual users, so the home page was split into four very easy to navigate areas. Colour inspiration for the brand and website had to be recognisable as medical, steering away from reds we opted for fresh shades of green and blue.

To see Narodowy Rejestr Leków in action, Click here

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