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The Brief

Luminer Mobile is a Cloud based statistic delivery application for tablets and mobile. The client uploads their own sales and distribution data in Excel format to the cloud, they then download that data to the Luminer Mobile app that takes that raw data and processes it in a visual format of pie charts, bar graphs and various other forms of graphic information presentation. The parameters of the data are all customizable along with the way the visual information is presented. Being able to visualize and filter this information from the cloud is an essential tool for and sales rep on the move.

The client was looking for branding and info graphics to help pitch the concept to potential future clients and help the app gather a user base and investment.

The Solution

As the app was all about taking characterless raw data from an Excel spread sheet and presenting it in a visually stimulating manner we started to look at the way the app presented the data, the graph, the charts etc. Looking at the L and the M of Luminer Mobile we noticed that the letters themselves have a lot of high and low points, much like those of a line graph. From this realization we were able to develop the logo to represent the visual form of a graph while still representing the L&M from the brand.

In addition to the logo we created an info graphic which showed the date being processed in a happy ‘cloud factory’ and delivered to the reps on the road.
The UI & UX of the app is also currently in development by The Small Room

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