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Jul 2013
ISF Solutions x The Small Room

The Small Room is proud to have just finished a number of projects with ISF Group.

After designing their new website they were so impressed that they asked us back to work on a number of other projects for sister companies of the ISF Group.

Along with the ISF site we designed branding and infographics for Luminer mobile, a new cloud based tablet app created for sales and marketing support, along the lines of a CRM system. The app is still in development and we’ve also been asked to design the UX / UI for that which we’re really excited about.

Another company in the ISF Group, Cognosco, who are the market research branch of ISF, also needed the Small Room treatment. They approached us to create a marketing campaign which would span across all their media and be usable on the new website they had asked us to design. Cognosco were so impressed by the work we’d done on the ISF website that they pretty much gave us carte blanche to create what we wanted. As well as all the branding and website projects mentioned above we’ve also started to create infographics and illustrations for their weekly sales and marketing blog posts on their website. We’re also involved in enhancing the visual side of their client pitches and recently created a graphic concept and visuals for a pitch to Sanofi medical.

Working with ISF has really been a pleasure and is hopefully the start of a long and fruitful collaboration together.

You can see our working partnership by clicking on the links below.

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Auto Złom Warszawa

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