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The Brief

Direct Communication and the Small Room have a long relationship. It was only natural that they’d approach us to help with their rebranding and new website. We’ve worked with DC many times before on their own graphics and as a graphic collaborator on many of their I.T projects, because of this they’d pretty much given us carte blanche on the rebrand.

The Solution

First task was to tackle the logo. Because of their strong client relationships and excellent customer feedback DC were reluctant to move too far away from the current brand. It wasn’t difficult to suggest a simple refresh of the current typography and colour pallet to something cleaner, bolder and more modern.

Our second task was the website. We knew content would be a problem for DC as they are more of a ‘service provider’ than a product creator. We decided to focus the site around large inspiring images, which conceptually encapsulate the individual services of DC, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ approach. Given that DC’s core client base are technological minded companies, the site was also built to the latest responsive web standards for desktop and tablet. A mobile version was also built from scratch.

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