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The Brief

Blackbird Warszawa (formally Pff) are a language academy, translation agency and expatriate service company based in Warsaw. They approached the Small Room to create a new brand for them as they were changing their name.

The problem they had with the old name / brand is that is didn’t reflect their full range of services anymore. Now they operated effectively as three companies under one roof and they needed a brand that would reflect this to their clients.

The Solution

The client wanted to have the ‘Blackbird’ as part of their logo as well as a typographic solution that would work along side the Blackbird icon. The problem was how to reflect the three divisions of the company in one logo. We decided the best way to do this was by using the tail.

The umbrella brand has the ‘rainbow tail’, which reflects the company as a whole, yet the logo is versatile enough to create three department logos from each of the colours in the birds tail, reflected in the red, yellow and blue versions of the logo, with the accompanying strapline for each division. To further illustrate the versatility of the logo, the bird is also turned into a playful character to help illustrate and guide the customer through various promotional items such as brochures and the website.

In addition to the logo, business cards, brochures, folders and several other branding items were also created for the Blackbird brand as well as the website which you can (read more about here.)

The Small Room created our new branding – fresh, cutting-edge, serious yet very playful at times. We have a lot of different services and completely different clients using them. We needed to show it in our logo, brochures and website. Andy had a very holistic approach absolutely necessary in our case.

The outcome we hoped for was difficult to achieve, yet it worked and it turned out it was everything we wanted!

Marta Kołkowicz – co-owner, Blackbird

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