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Apr 2013
Stena Auto Złom Warszawa

Continuing our partnership with Stena Recycling the Small Room recently created branding for Stena Auto Złom Warszawa.

Auto Złom is Stena’s latest automotive recycling service in Warszawa. It is a modern and professional recycling center dismantling cars out of service due to age or poor condition.

It was created to provide a flexible and easy to respond to customer needs and they also issue a certificate of removal, which is guaranteed to de-register the vehicle.

As a recycler Stena attach great importance to responsible waste management. The center provides special care in terms of environmental safety and disposal of vehicles. Moreover, thanks to innovative solutions STENA Auto Złom more than 90% of the waste obtained during dismantling of cars is processed into new products.

The branding was designed to be in line with the Stena Recycling house style and also work in partnership with the other Stena brands designed by the Small Room such as EkoStacja.

Visit the Stena Auto Złom Warszawa website and what they can do for you.

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Auto Złom Warszawa

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