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The Brief

24/7 Communication are a Warsaw based PR agency who contacted the Small Room to create an evolutionary refresh of their current branding.

Established in the year 2000 and already a recognized name in Poland and Europe they wanted to experiment with furthering the name change to 24/7 integration or adding a more ‘global’ icon to the 24/7 typography.

The Solution

We developed several logotypes around the 24/7 Integration concept, however it was decided that the direction should return to the original 24/7 Communication through fear of confusing excising clients.

We proposed ‘Swiss with a twist’ keeping a clean and traditional typographic styling while adding a dynamic slash to the lettering which reflects the forward slash in between the 24 and 7. The forward slash ‘/’ was also to be utilised as a visual divide in other areas of the branding to illustrate different departments or areas of the business.

See the branding in action on the 27/7 website at

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